Classical Ensembles

Duo Toivio

Seeli Toivio, cello
Kalle Toivio, piano and organ

Duo of sister and brother has performed together since their childhood. Duo has performed concerts in Finland, Hungary, Denmark, England, Japan and USA. On October 11th, 2012 they perform in New York’s Carnegie Hall. Duo Toivio’s 1st CD Virtuoso Cello (Alba Records, 2011) includes violin virtuoso works arr. by Seeli Toivio for cello. Piano virtuoso Kalle Toivio is also a brilliant organist, and the duo often performs as cello and organ combination as well.

In October 2012 Duo Toivio performed at the prestigious Carnegie Hall in New York (USA), as well as at the Dame Myra Hess Memorial Concerts in Chigago’s Preston Bradley Hall.

The duo performed at the Carnegie Hall again in October 2013.

Kalle’s website

Duo Toivio-Puusepp

Seeli Toivio, cello
Lily-Marlene Puusepp, harp

Duo Toivio–Puusepp has performed since 2005. Concert tours and music festivals. Repertoire includes works from baroque to modern. 2 CDs: Salut D’Amour (2009) and Serenade (2011). 3rd CD FLOW come up in 2013.

Duo Toivio-Puusepp in Facebook

Duo Peili

Seeli Toivio, cello
Hedi Viisma, kantele

Seeli Toivio and kantele player Hedi Viisma have performed together since 2008. Their repertoire includes romantic music from 19th and 20th centuries, also barocque music, such as Antonio Vivaldi and J. S. Bach. They also play virtuoso works arranged for cello and kantele by Hedi Viisma. Duo Peili’s 1st CD Reflections (2011) includes Rimski-Korsakov’s Flight of the Bumble Bee and David Popper’s Dance of the Elves Op. 39, both arranged for cello and kantele by Hedi Viisma. The Duo’s 2nd CD will come out in 2014. Duo Peili’s Facebook Page

Romantic Virtuosi

Olli-Pekka Tuomisalo, saxophone
Seeli Toivio, cello
Risto-Matti Marin, piano

This trio plays a lot of new music, and performs regularly around Finland. Repertoire includes trios by Robert Kritz, Kirmo Lintinen, and Pehr Henrik Nordgren. They also perform virtuoso chamber music from the 19th and 20th centuries.

In 2013 they have a concert tour in the end of March in Lapland, where they perform in churches and chapels in Ivalo, Saariselkä, and Pyhä-Luosto. They also performed at the new Korundi Concert Hall in Rovaniemi.

Romantic Virtuosos in Facebook

Barytone and 4 Cellos

Esa Ruuttunen, barytone
Seeli Toivio, cello

Jussi Makkonen, cello
Matti Makkonen, cello
Ulla Lampela, cello 

The famous Finnish Barytone Esa Ruuttunen and 4 cellos ensemble is founded by the Makkonen brothers; the quartet has succesfully performed at prestigious music festivals in Finland, and has played concerts in many churches around the country. Repertoire includes arrangements by Matti Makkonen from the Songs of the Sion, and also Afro American Spirituals for 4 cellos. The cellists also perform as a quartet. Recent addition to the repertoire is Peter Tchaikowsky’s The Four Seasons for 4 cellos (arr.). Website of Esa Ruuttunen and 4 Cellos

Absolute Girls

Seeli Toivio
Helena Plathán

Classical, pop, rock, jazz on cellos and electric cellos.

Absolute Girls has performed at various concert venues in Finland, including music festivals. In April 2015 Absolute Girls will tour in Lapland.

Helena Plathán’s Website

Trio Ideale

Petteri Lehikoinen, barytone
Seeli Toivio, cello
Lily-Marlene Puusepp, harp

Trio Ideale has performed since 2010. They have had concerts in Finland and Italy (Rome and Bologna), and perform each year in various churches and festivals.

Website of Petteri Lehikoinen

Website of Lily-Marlene Puusepp


Seeli Toivio, cello
Hedi Viisma, kantele
Lily-Marlene Puusepp, harp

Duo Toivio-Kozlovski

Seeli Toivio, cello
Kiril Kozlovski, piano


Lily-Marlene Puusepp, harp
Malla Vivolin, flute
Linda Hedlund, violin
Maya Egashira, viola
Seeli Toivio, cello

Oceanides’ repertoire includes many rare harp quintets from the 19th and 20th centuries: Vincent D’Indy, Charles Koechlin, Jean Cras, Henrik Badings, Jean-Michel Damase, Joseph Jongen, Gabriel Pierne, Albert Roussel, André Jolivet, and many more. They also perfrom new music from the 21st century. Oceanides will record a CD in the near future.

In 2013 Oceanides performed in many concert halls and churches in Finland: Raahe Concert Hall (Brahe Classica Festival), Nurmes Hannikainen Concert Hall, Kajaani Kouta Concert Hall, Pudasjärvi Church, and Helsinki Temple Rock Church (Septemberfest Festival) among others.

Oceanides Facebook Page

Duo Toivio – Ferruggio

Seeli Toivio, cello
Nazareno Ferruggio, piano

The duo of the Finnish Cellist Seeli Toivio and the Italian pianist Nazareno Ferruggio has recently performed a concert tour in Northern Finland (February 2014) and is currently working on their first CD.

Duo’s repertoire includes French chamber music for cello and piano: Sonatas by Saint-Saens, Debussy, and Fauré, among others.

Nazareno Ferruggio’s Website

Op. 18

Linda Hedlund, violin
Seeli Toivio, cello
Nazareno Ferruggio, piano

Op. 18 is formed by Finnish virtuoso artists Linda Hedlund (violin) and Seeli Toivio (cello) with the Italian piano virtuoso Nazareno Ferruggio.

Op. 18’s repertoire includes Piano Trios by Saint-Saens, Debussy, and Fauré among others.

Future plans include concerts at the Ackté Festival and Septemberfest Festival in Helsinki in 2015.

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Linda Hedlund’s Website
Nazareno Ferruggio’s Website

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