Seeli’s Summer 2012 was very busy with concerts. Now it is time for the Autumn Season, which starts on September 4 as a soloist with Hämeenlinna Symphony Orchestra and conductor Maria Badstue at the Hämeenlinna Old Music Festival. Seeli performs Vivaldi Concerto and A. F. Servais Regiment’s Daughter Op. 16. The concert takes place at VPK House in Hämeenlinna. Street address: Palokunnankatu 18.

Seeli and kantele player Hedi Viisma start Duo Peili’s Reflections Concert Tour from Rovaniemi Church in Northern Finland, where they perform on September 6 at 7 pm. They tour extensively for the next couple of weeks in many beautiful spots in Northern Finland and Lapland: Kilpisjärvi Nature House, Kemijärvi Culture Center, Saariselkä Mountain Chapel, Karigasniemi Chapel, Ivalo Church, among others. Information about the Reflections Concert Tour will be updated here in the news.

October sees Seeli in USA with her brother, pianist and organist Kalle Toivio: Duo Toivio performs at the Dame Myra Hess Concert Series in Chicago on October 3, and New Yorks’s Carnegie Hall on October 11. Duo Toivio will also perform in Washington on October 19. More information coming up!


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